File Scavenger


Effective recovery of deleted files


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File Scavenger is one of the best programs around to recover deleted files.

You can find the deleted files by type, this means you search for any kind of file you have on your computer. So, if you are looking for a PDF file, just choose that extension and begin to track it down.

It works on any device, whether it be a hard disk, a ZIP drive, a USB key, memory card or RAID system. The file systems that you can work with are NTFS and FAT (12, 16, 32).

It is an ideal tool for data recovery in the following eventualities:
- Corrupted discs.
- Deleted or formatted partitions.
- Damaged drives with bad sectors.

File Scavenger can show the full path to where a file was located, and comes with two search modes: rapid and complete.

The shareware version can recover files with a maximum size of 64 kb.

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